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 Invited Papers and Presentations

1. A. Adjei, "Pulmonary Delivery of Leuprolide Acetate", Invited Lecture to the Graduate School, College of Pharmacy, The University of Texas at Austin, February 8, 1990.
2. A. Adjei, "Pulmonary Delivery of Peptide Drugs: Animal Models, Preclinical Studies, and Clinical Results", Respiratory Drug Delivery II, Brackenridge, Colorado, March 22-26, 1990.
3. A. Adjei, "Nasal Delivery Of Peptide Drugs: Case Studies with Leuprolide Acetate", Nasal And Inhalation Drug Delivery Symposium, Princeton, New Jersey, April, 1990.
4. A. Adjei, "Justification of Laser Light Scattering Method (Malvern Series 2600c) for Size Analysis in Inhalation Aerosols", AAPS Aerosol Sub-committee Meeting, SmithKline Beecham, King of Prussia, New Jersey, Sept. 11, 1990.
5. L. Adjei, D. Lee, and T. Reiland, "Light Scattering Method for Sizing Pharmaceutical Aerosols: Correlation with Impaction Methods", Regulatory Issues in Aerosol Drug Development, University of Kentucky Department of Continuing Education, Crystal City, New Jersey, June 12-14, 1991.
6. A. Adjei, "Nasal Absorption of LH-RH Analogs: A Case Study With The Nonapeptide Leuprolide Acetate", Department of Pharmacy, University of California San Francisco, Feb. 26, 1992.
7. A. Adjei and M. FuLu, "Formulations of LH-RH Analogs for the Palliative Treatment of Endometriosis", Midwest Regional Chapter, American Association of Pharmaceutical Research, Chicago, Marriott-O'Hare, Illinois, May 4, 1992.
8. A. L. Adjei and P. J. Carrigan, "Pulmonary Bioavailability of LH-RH Analogs: Some Biopharmaceutical Guidelines", Respiratory Drug Delivery III, Williamsburg, Virginia, May 16-22, 1992 [Also in J. Biopharm. Sci., 3(1/2), 247-254, 1992].
9. A. L. Adjei , "Pulmonary Bioavailability of Peptide Drugs: A Case Study with Leuprolide and other LH-RH Analogs", Chelsea College of Pharmacy, The University of London, London, June 8, 1992 [Also presented by special invite at Advances in Delivery of Therapeutic And Diagnostic Agents, Control Release Society Meeting, December 9-11, 1992, Sydney, Australia; and also at International Symposium of Aerosols in Medicine, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, March 30-April 3, 1993].