Business Process Outsourcing in Healthcare Regulation
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Welcome to PCS!

Pharmaceutical Consulting Solutions, LLC

. . . a life science consulting services group providing drug development, insurance, healthcare and regulatory outsourcing solutions to industry and governmental agencies worldwide.

PCS provides business process outsourcing support in life science practice areas in order to promote quality excellence, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to clientele. 

PCS Network provides technical support services including, but not limited to:
  • Life sciences domain consulting in design, development and implementation of improved business systems
  • Drug design and formulation development, including chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC)
  • Targeted systems, i.e. nasal, pulmonary and transdermal products
  • Workplace automation and validation of systems, operations and practices
  • Stability assessment and statistical treatment of drug, patient and clinical data
  • Web-based systems and electronic documentation of regulatory information

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Dr. Adjei was Vice President, Research and Development, from 1997 to September, 2006 with Kos Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Prior to that, he was on a Volwiler Fellow at Abbott Laboratories from 1991 to 1997. He has over 25 years experience in pharmaceutical drug research & development, has led in submission of 3 NDAs, 10 ANDAs and 2 BLAs in the United States. He is Fellow of the AAPS, has co-edited one book, is author of 12 book chapters, and over 50 publications in peer reviewed journals, and holds 44 United States patents. He is also reviewer for scientific journals including the International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Research, and the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr Lex Adjei

Dr. Lex Adjei
President and CEO